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SMHC’S Irresistible Dancer SOLD


SMHC'S Irresistible Dancer SOLD - (SMHC'S Let's Dance x SMHC'S Simply Irresistible )


SOLD! Congratulations Ramona Prins of the Netherlands!


SMHC'S Irresistible Dancer SMHC'S Let's Dance SMHC'S Freedom's Justice
SMHC'S Painted Freedom (HOF)
FWF Joanie of Inka Rue
Town & Country's Harlequin Georgetown's Tom Cat (HOF)
J-J's Painted Bubbles
SMHC'S Simply Irresistible SMHC'S Painted Freedom (HOF) Town & Country's Kit Cat (HOF)
J-J's Painted Bubbles
SMHC'S Freedom's Luck SMHC'S Painted Freedom (HOF)
Michigan's Bit 'O Luck




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