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Current Offerings

SMHC’s Fabulously Perfect
(SMHC's Freedom's Totally Fabulous (HOF) x SMHC's Freedom's Captivating Lady )

2015 AMHR/ASPC/Foundation Eligible Stallion

SMHC’s Bandolera
(AE Bandito Bey x SMHC'S She's Fine)

2017 AMHR/ASPC Filly

SMHC’s Triple Crown
(SMHC's Excelsior x Michigan's Bit O Luck)

AMHR/ASPC Stallion

SMHC’S Beautiful Bandita
(AE Bandito Bey x SMHC'S Apifiny )

2016 AMHR/ASPC Filly
On our show string

SMHC’s Bandito’s Panthera
(AE Bandito Bey x SMHC's Tigerlilly )

2017 AMHR/ASPC Stallion
Only son of AE Bandito Bey currently available other than weanlings.

SMHC’s Fabulous Dancer
(SMHC's Lets Dance x SMHC's Fabulosity)

AMHR/ASPC Stud colt
Hardship into AMHA

SMHC’s Warp Factor
(SMHC's Excelsior x Michigan's Bit O Luck)

3 year old stallion

SMHC’S Locked N Loaded
(SMHC'S Freedom's Totally Fabulous x SMHC'S Wind Dancer)

2010 Show Stallion

SMHC’S Vogue Dancer SOLD
(SMHC'S Lets Dance x SMHC'S The Show Must Go On)

2016 AMHR/ASPC Filly

SMHC’s Dancing Pretty SOLD
(SMHC's Lets Dance x SMHC's Just Pretty Too)

AMHR/ASPC/Foundation Eligible Filly

SMHC’S Superstar SOLD
(SMHC'S Supersonic x SMHC's Freedom's Stars & Stripes)

2017 AMHR/ASPC Filly

SMHC’S Irresistible Dance SOLD
(SMHC's Lets Dance x SMHC's Simply Irresistible )

2016 AMHR/ASPC and Foundation eligible filly



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