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SMHC’s Paint Me Irresistible
(Graham's Painted Feather (HOF) x SMHC's Irresistible Grace)

SMHC’s Fire Dancer
(SMHC's Lets Dance x SMHC's Ring of Fire)

SMHC’s Fancy Dancer
(SMHC's Lets Dance x SMHC's Ultimate Showdown)

SMHC’s Paint Me With Grace
(Graham's Painted Feather (HOF) x SMHC's Irresistible Grace)

2017 AMHR/ASPC/Foundation Filly
2018 ASPC Congress Wins:
Champion Foundation Mare Yearling
Reserve Junior Champion Foundation Mare
Champion Foundation Mare Bred, Owned, and Shown

JC’s Centennial
(Z.J.'s Windwalker (HOF) x JC's Minnie Penny)

Red Rock Bullseye’s Janine
(Bullseye x Red Rock Jet's Sharp Note (HOF))

SMHC’s Ziggy Stardust
(SMHC's Justice Is Swift x SMHC's Tigerlilly )

SMHC’s Best Kept Secret
(SMHC's Freedom's Totally Fabulous (HOF) x SMHC's Freedom's Fancy Lady)

SMHC’s I Want It All
(Michigan's Red Sky x Willowlawn's Sadie Sioux)

SMHC’S Warp Bubble
(SMHC's Excelsior x SMHC's Freedom's Painted Bubble)

SMHC’s Queen of the Nile
(SMHC's Lets Dance x SMHC's Freedom's Splendor)

French Twist EGF
(J-J's Painted Bear x Lady Luck FMF (HOF) )

SMHC’s Irresistible Grace
(SMHC's Freedom's Totally Fabulous (HOF) x SMHC's Simply Irresistible)

SMHC’s Midnight Silhouette
(SMHC's Freedom's Justice x Cheg's Little Sweet Lee)

Town & Country’s Harlequin
(Georgetown's Tom Cat (HOF) x J-J's Painted Bubbles)

SMHC’s Paint Me A Starry Night
(Graham's Painted Feather x JC's Centennial)

2018 AMHR/ASPC Filly

SMHC’s Magic Motion
(Georgetown's Mr. Foxy x Hector Says Who)

RIP 5/2/95-10/1/18
She will be missed!

Michigan’s Livin’ On The Edge
(AGS Te Bonds x Maitre's Morning Angel )

SMHC’s Modern Love
(AE Bandito Bey x SMHC's I Want It All)

2018 AMHR/ASPC Pending Filly

JRos Classic Alhena
(Graham's Noble Prince (HOF) x Town & Country's Cat-Alina (HOF))

Leased from Joel Rosenstern

Jros Classic Aliyah
(Graham's Noble Prince (HOF) x Lady Luck FMF (HOF))

Leased from Joel Rosenstern

JRos Classic Arwen
(Graham's Noble Prince (HOF) x Town & Country's Cat-Alina (HOF))

Co-owned with Joel Rosenstern



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